From Stiletto Heels:

In a small provincial town filled with a spirit of preservation for a traditional performance art called, Owara, arrives Hotaruko, a transfer student from Tokyo. When a local boy named Hikaru catches her in an awkward stance in - what was supposed to be - an empty classroom, they form a strange bond. What's more, their bond makes way for an unexpected development...?!
Chapter name Uploaded Time
chapter 10 2016-08-01
chapter 9 2016-08-01
vol.2 chapter 8 2016-07-27
vol.2 chapter 7 2016-07-27
vol.1 chapter 5 2016-01-20
vol.1 chapter 4 2016-01-20
vol.1 chapter 3 2016-01-20
vol.1 chapter 2 2016-01-20
vol.1 chapter 1 2016-01-20