Everything begins with an odd looking amulet lost by a stranger and picked up by ordinary high school girl Fujimi. Wrong. Actually, it begins with a new, haunting song, and goes on with a monster chase into the night.
What is the secret behind all this?
Chapter name Uploaded Time
Gekkou Ch.011 2018-11-08
Gekkou Ch.010 2018-10-31
Gekkou Ch.009 2018-10-22
Gekkou Ch.008 2018-10-16
Gekkou Ch.007 2018-10-09
Gekkou Ch.006 2018-10-05
Gekkou Ch.005 2018-09-25
Gekkou Ch.004 2018-08-30
Gekkou Ch.003 2018-08-19
Gekkou Ch.002 2018-08-19
Gekkou Ch.001 2018-08-19