A 15-year-old 2nd year middle school student's clumsy and awkward first love.
In the same university as her first love whom she had broken up with, they face each other again next to her room!
A 20-year-old who is still confused and clumsy on what is love, what is dating. Sure enough this time
Can they succeed with confidence in oneself and facing each other in a relationship?

Note: Originally scanlated by cheesecates and uploaded to Bato.to.
Chapter name Uploaded Time
Gatabutata Ch.010 2019-11-08
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Gatabutata Ch.008 2019-10-23
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Gatabutata Ch.005 2019-10-09
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Gatabutata Ch.002 2019-10-03
Gatabutata Ch.001 2019-09-16