Feng Lan is A - 19-year old woman who's challenged by her twin brother to perform with a virtual-reality game called Second Life. Being the primary player to log on the sport, she's permitted to recognize her actual existence seems from her avatar; so she creates a good-looking male elf named Prince. In sport, she types a-team known as the Odd Squads which consists of: Lolidragon, women concealed game moderator; Ugly Wolf, a creature race Priest character; Doll, a necromancer; Guilastes,
Chapter name Uploaded Time
1/2 Prince Game 079 2018-07-17
vol.14 chapter 76 2016-06-15
chapter 59 : Duel 2016-01-20
chapter 28 : Satan 2016-01-20
chapter 20 : Clash 2016-01-20
chapter 6 : Miwa 2016-01-20
chapter 5 : Rivals 2016-01-20